WifiSharing Android app


WIFISharing allows you to scan the wifi networks around you and send messages directly to their owners . It’s that easy !

The application facilitates contacting people who want to share wifi networks , a free , fast and anonymously. To save on the bill and share expenses.

Much easier than deciphering keys neighbors wifi and totally legal.

In addition :

  • Very soon you can connect directly to wifis companies to register in our system.
  • It allows you to connect directly with wifis that detects open the app works for you .

Now, optionally, you can also link your profile to the wifi you register , you can fill : Name, age , sex and description that you can use as you prefer: To find job, to let you know your neighbors , to match people , to set the price of your wifi …

Users who scan your wifi and see your profile so you can leverage your sign for advertising , in addition to internet sharing .

How does it work ?

  • Users who have a record associating the wifi with your email.
  • Users who need wifi :
  • Perform a scan of networks from the app .
  • The app detects the registered and shows the user the wifi.
  • The user can send a message to the owner of the wifis to contact him, all anonymously through the app .


Why register my wifi?

  • Because it is very fast : Just make a single click.
  • Because you can save a lot of money : If you find several people to share the connection you can save up to 75 % on your bill.
  • Because it’s totally free , and you do not report a cost .
  • Because it’s anonymous : People who scan your wifi never see your personal information or know who you are, or where you have your wifi.
  • Because you don’t have to respond : You can not reply to messages you send , filter them to trash or do whatever you want.
  • Because you don’t lose nothing , who knows if in the future you can serve to save , knowing someone , help someone …
  • Because you may also need the service: For example, when going on a trip , you can scan the networks around you and use someone shared wifi , thereby saving all roaming costs , or be useful to ask for help from people your arededor .
  • Because it is a game that you can meet the people around you

Is it legal to share wifi from neighbors or people ?

In Spain itself, the CMT on RO2009/630 determined that it is legal to share the wireless signal between neighbors. For other countries you should consult your current legislation.

Also depends on the contract with the operator , some operators permit, others require that you communicate and reach an agreement , while some companies do not allow it at all. You must consult in detail. Careful not to break anything!

What data are recorded in the system?

Only requires: Your email and your Wifi MAC address , the MAC address is a unique identifier of your global network , so when someone scans your wifi can know which is your email associated .

What is the mac address?

All internet access devices have a unique identifier within the network , in order to know where to send data from one point to another , for example from a server to your computer, is like your home address . It is public information that everyone can see . Google , Apple and Microsoft , for example, store the mac addresses of the devices in its database , along with their location, to better calculate the user’s position in applications.

Will my email address be displayed to the users that scan wifis ?

No , never, the process is completely anonymous , the user scans the wifis can send you a message through our app , but do not know which email address is sending .

Is it safe to register the wifi connection?

Totally , to register your wifi network you need to be connected to it previously , but the system does not follow, that is, you have to know your password for logging . This ensures that all users who register a wifi are the owners of that network.

What parts of the world the application works ?

Anywhere ! The mac address is an identifier globally, so you can record any wifi anywhere in the world. When you’re traveling for a while you can scan your network environment to see if someone shares ! So you avoid to pay roaming.

How much will it cost me ?

Nothing ! It is totally free for users to register their wifis and users who want to use one.

How are connection costs shared?

The app is only responsible for contacting users who want to share the internet connection , from there it is they who have to discuss and agree .

Can you have legal implications for the owner of the line that one of its members commits an illegal act on the network?

Internet evolves faster than the law, there have been cases where the offender was connected to the Internet via a pirated wifi, and there is no responsible for any statement that the head of the line, so there must be no problem in this.

How to unsubscribe ?

Sent from the email address you registered info@compartirwifi.com an email with the subject «unsubscribe»


¿How update my profile?

To modify the profile linked to your wifi:

  1. Click «register wifi» button
  2. Choose the email you used to register your wifi
  3. Click profile button.
  4. Change your profile data and click «OK»


For any problems send an email to info@compartirwifi.com

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